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Lost & Found

Missing pets often end up at the animal shelter. The best way to make sure your pet is returned to you is to have proper identification on the collar as well as a microchip that can be inserted by a veterinarian. A tag with your name, address and phone number enables whoever finds your pet to contact you immediately. Wearing a rabies tag, which is required by law, also means your pet can be traced to you. Since collars can sometimes fall off, a microchip provides permanent identification that can be accessed with a scanner. All incoming pets to the humane society or veterinarians are scanned.

Other things you can do:
• Notify the animal shelter so the staff can be on the lookout for your pet. Bring a picture or give a complete, detailed description of your lost pet. Check back every few days. Your pet may wander or be kept by someone for a while before being turned in. Try to visit the shelter in person to see if your pet is there.
• Look around the neighborhood and ask neighbors if they have seen the missing animal. Try driving around the area at night, since pets may hide out during the day. Drive slowly; your pet may recognize the sound of your car.
• Post notices in public places like shopping centers and veterinarian’s offices. Include a picture of the lost pet and offer a reward for your pet’s return.
• Advertise on the radio and in the newspaper and watch the found ads in the newspaper. Respond to any that might possibly be your dog or cat, since wandering can change your pet’s appearance.

If you find a dog or cat, you may put a “Found” ad in the Danville Advocate-Messenger (www.amnews or (859) 236-2551) free of charge. Provide a description of the animal, but leave out a unique characteristic, such as a scar or a particularly unusual marking so that if someone calls to claim the pet, you can be sure they are the owner. The person should also bring proof, such as a photo, county dog tag, rabies tag or vet bill. Found pets can also be brought to the humane society, but it’s a big help if the “finder” can keep the pet for at least a few days since it could be reclaimed quickly.